Psychometric Testing

Testing Services

Our services include:
  1. Psychometric (Personality) Test
    • 5 Personality Test (Quantitative, Individual Approach)
    • Personality Test (Qualitative, Scientific Approach)


Expect answers to the following by taking the above tests

  • What kind of personality do I have?
  • What is my typical personality type?
  • How will my type fit certain kind of jobs?
  • What are my strengths? and much more


  1. Emotional Intelligence
  • Recognize, manage and understand your own emotions under pressure
  • Recognize, understand and influence the emotions of others under pressure


  1. Competency Test
  • What are your strengths? How do you compare with others in the workforce
  • Measurement of sixteen (16) work-based competencies


  1. Career Aptitude test
  • What career best fits your personality?
  • What kind of work environments and occupations suit you?
  • Get a list of occupations that fit your personality
  • Choose a career that matches your personality and be successful