About Us

Company Overview

About Us

Being one of the HR consultancy firms in Karachi, Strath group has emerged as the company which can offer you the career counseling services, change management solutions and other such services. Headquartered in Canada, Strath group had started working at the areas of technological solutions, capital ventures and overall efficiencies. We focus on understanding the market of our international clients, ensuring their business needs and preferences. Our vision serves as the basic road-map for the success of our company, it not only helps in assisting the brand image of our firm but also it has been linked with the innovative solutions.

Most importantly, we not only focus on the policies development, HR plans, performance management, but we also focus on the strategy development. Our experienced staff has been playing the major role of liaison between our customers and the relevant institutes. When it comes to the HR consultancy firms near me, I try to find the business which can offer me a whole lot of services within a short period of time.  Talking about the latest technologies, we are quite focused on the implementation of the revolutionary tools and the modern solutions. We not only offer the effective facilities and products to our customers but our strategy is also aligned with the mobile applications and business development plans.

Why Us?

We care about the continuous improvement of our projects, and value our customers –which results in reaching the higher levels of operational efficiency. Staying up-to date and considering the procedures of client servicing, are the major strategies which we implement. As we have been working as the HR consultancy firm in Karachi, we love to see the effective user experience.

Our Mission

  • To serve as one of the leading HR consultancy firms in Pakistan, that believe in providing the innovative solutions, professional HR related services and technological solutions.
  • To develop the adequate relations on the basis of trust, progress and diversity. Sharing the experiences with our customers – give us the competitive edge and this lets us break the cultural barriers and offer the professional services to the people.
  • To interact and coordinate with our partners in order to develop the true commitments and make the path for future aspects.
  • To stand with our customers with respect to the quality, trust, respect.


  • To develop and grow us into the global leader regarding the areas of technological progress, modern ideas and creativity.
  • To make the most of the business values and integrating the core values of ethics and honesty in our strategy.

Business Objectives and Future Needs

  • To develop the trustworthy relation with our customers and key stakeholders