About Us

Company Overview

Strath group is a multinational organization focused on servicing areas of HR Consulting, Technological Solutions and Venture Capital investment Opportunities.  Our aim is to guide our clients professionally and efficiently assist them in achieving great success.  Our focus is to understand and deliver most accurate advice to our clientele locally or in international markets.

We established our company as a head hunting and placement firm two decades ago dating back to the early 2000’s. Our current main office is located in Canada along with offices in United Arab Emirates and Pakistan.

Through our specialized HR Consulting services we provide career advice and professional counselling for job seeking candidates.  Our objective is to guide individuals throughout this rigorous process of being hired for the most suitable position.  Our process consists of creating a unique plan to guide and supervise each individual in achieving specific career goals.

We are at the forefront of new technological revolutions in the tech industry and are focused on implementing the latest technologies. We provide Technology Solutions for Small and Medium sized Enterprises as well as Start-up firms, supporting them at initial launch stage then providing adequate Software Management Solutions as they expand their business.

Introducing Venture Capital Investment Opportunities in this region allows us to expand scope of our business. We seek to encourage young entrepreneurs in bringing their innovative ideas to limelight. Our successful team of Venture Capitalists supervise them in turning their ambitions into a profitable reality.

At the heart of our strategy lies the vision to be a leading provider of world class products and services in the emerging and frontier economies in our line of businesses.

Our Mission

  • To lead as the most prominent consultancy firm in Pakistan providing focused HR and technological solutions.
  • To develop trusted long term relationships with our valued clients and partners
  • To coordinate with our partners efficiently and collaborate successfully in completing our projects
  • To provide our clients motivation, encouragement and respect


Our Vision

To be a renowned global company focused on providing innovative HR consulting and technological solutions to valued clients.


Our Objective

To become a prominent and well-renowned Consulting organization in Pakistan engaged in extending innovative, professional, and trusted advice to all stakeholders.


Our Product / Services

HR Consulting

Psychometric and Emotional Intelligence Assessment, Global Jobs, Study Abroad, CV and Cover Letter workshops and more.



Software Management and Technology Solutions.


Venture Capital

Have an idea worth our time and Investment? Talk to us.


Our Business Priorities

We are committed to long-term value creation. Our business strategy is built around an action plan using four priorities designed with a focus on long-term sustainability of our business and to enable success in the marketplace. Our ultimate objective is to provide growth to the business and enhance share holder value.

1) Deliver Top growth and development

2) Drive end to end performance

3) Engagement and Retention

4) Reward and Recognition