About Us

Company Overview

At Strath Group, we offer more than just professional services aimed at emerging businesses. We believe in bringing to life your ideas and in helping you expand your business through exceptional support every step of the way.  At Strath Group, we believe in proactive and convergent processes that bring desired results to our clients.

Established in year 2000, Strath Group is a multinational company with its head Office situated in Canada. Our business has also firmly rooted itself across the globe with significant presence felt across the United States, UAE, and Pakistan. Our purpose is to diligently satisfy all clients with preference-packaged broad solutions and that too in revolutionary ways.

Our brand specializes in a multitude of business servicing solutions ranging from General Business Consultancy, HR Consulting, Tech development, venture capital investment, and more. Over two decades of experience sets us apart from the competition, attracting and connecting reputed organization to our business. Our structure supports an assortment of competent teams meticulously arranged to inject success into your organization through carefully crafted and personalized services.

Our collection of offerings are widespread to tackle every business holdup at break neck speed and we pride ourselves in being at the core of solutions, supporting our clients with assistance that goes over and beyond their wildest imagination.

Our Mission

  • To lead as the most prominent consultancy firm in Pakistan providing focused HR and technological solutions.
  • To develop trusted long term relationships with our valued clients and partners
  • To coordinate with our partners efficiently and collaborate successfully in completing our projects
  • To provide our clients motivation, encouragement and respect


Our Vision

To be a renowned global company focused on providing innovative HR consulting and technological solutions to valued clients.


Our Objective

To become a prominent and well-renowned Consulting organization in Pakistan engaged in extending innovative, professional, and trusted advice to all stakeholders.


Our Product / Services

HR Consulting

Canadian Immigration, Company Registration and Taxation, Psychometric and Emotional Intelligence Assessment, Global Jobs, Study Abroad, CV and Cover Letter workshops and more.



Software Management and Technology Solutions.


Venture Capital

Have an idea worth our time and Investment? Talk to us.


Our Business Priorities

We are committed to long-term value creation. Our business strategy is built around an action plan using four priorities designed with a focus on long-term sustainability of our business and to enable success in the marketplace. Our ultimate objective is to provide growth to the business and enhance share holder value.

1) Deliver Top growth and development

2) Drive end to end performance

3) Engagement and Retention

4) Reward and Recognition